Camping Soul Food Cookbook

Cooking outdoors. Enjoy deliciously simple recipes, paired with music playlists to feed the soul.


Over the last few years, we’ve taken countless trips and learned so much about cooking hacks with limited space, using the fridge to store beers for us and our friends, and how much more enjoyable brilliant tunes are when you’re outdoors with tasty grub.

So we’ve put together this Camping Soul Food booklet with some easy recipes you can do, either no-cook options or something you can cook on one gas ring or on a barbeque.

In between, we’ve shared some camping hacks that we have found invaluable.

Each recipe has information on whose favourite it is, what songs you can use as timer to pass the cooking time, and options for alternative ingredients if you don’t have a fridge.

Easkey Duggan

(aka “Kiki” or “The Boss”)

Easkey is the boss of our lives – she is currently 8 years old, going on 55. She gets her love of the outdoors from her mother, and the love of the craic from her dad. Her favourite camping food is smores, and her favourite activity when we’re away is kayaking. The only thing she misses on our trips are her two cats - Annie (the ginger one) and Ella (the black one).

Carrie Budds

(aka Buggans)

For years, Carrie has been a wanna-be surfer, a wanna-be hiker and a wanna-be campervan queen. And now she is at least some of these, some of the time. With a background in fitness and personal training, she is the one who sneaks veg and salads on the outdoor dinner table and makes sure the family doesn’t consume 3 meals of sausages and burgers when they are camping.

Malachy Duggan

(aka The Craic)

If Easkey is the boss, then Malachy is the brains. He has taken a “pimp my ride” approach to our campervan life and has festooned it with everything from a waterproof speaker for kayaking to a smart projector for watching movies. Although he will always hang up the hammock and stick on tunes before helping with the awning.


Camping Soul Food

We hope you enjoy this “recipe and hacks and soulful music” cookbook as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

And we can’t wait until we can get out in the campervan again. In the meantime, stick up a tent in the garden and get the portable stove burner out and use your imagination to decide where you are….


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Campie is our beloved 1990 VW T3 hightop campervan. Malachy and campie have become bosom buddies, and he has taught himself so much about 1990 VW engines and the importance of coolant to keep campie purring. He came into our lives three years ago, and I can honestly say he has been a fantastic addition to the Buggans family. 
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